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Downpipes that run into weeping tile, can be contributing to water in your basement.  When they are removed from the ground, they should be extended by a minimum of four feet from the house and foundation.

This may be resulting from: poor attic insulation and ventilation, melting and freezing of water on the roof, lack of roofing membrane, poor sunlight exposure.

Leaking eavestrough can create dangerous ice patches in the winter and contribute deteriorating brick and concrete in the summer. You should have an eavestrough specialist come and seal the leak

Loose nails in the eavestrough can lead to a complete separation of the trough system from the roof. This can lead to damaged eavestrough, soffit and fascia. As well as result in leaks in your homes.

Leaning ladders directly onto the eavestrough can cause your eaves to bend or dent.

No, downpipes should be secured to the facade of your home with two anchored straps for every ten feet of downpipe.

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